Monday, 23 July 2018

Sunday's blog... Church!

Today, being a Sunday, was a more relaxed affair. Starting with a lie in, which was much needed I might add, we wolfed down a delicious breakfast at 8, 8ish for some. We set off with spirits high amongst the troops to a most intriguing service at the local cathedral. It was something to behold. In sharp contrast to the somewhat minimalist surroundings emerged a purple spectacle. With spires reaching to the heavens and a modern design that in many respects echoed the architectural brilliance of the Radley coffee shop, we entered in awe. Although long and completely in Swahili we were hooked to the drama that was unfolding before our eyes. A sensual experience is how most described it. After our first Tanzanian church service we visited the seminary for a quick meal. We were greeted by an immense man, Father John, and an enormous meal, brunch.

When we arrived back at Gehandu we were presented with a second lunch which after our first lunch may have seemed a tad excessive but again found a safe home all the same. Our plan for the afternoon was to visit the Mbulu Market. The initial shock on arrival at the market was simply the scale of it. It covered a considerably large field and was packed full of stalls selling everything from tyre flip-flops to live goats. With music blaring and a whole plethora of colours and smells on display we walked through the market in groups of four. Highlights included Harry rather too heavily petting a goat, being offered some rather special, we were told, “medicinal herbs” and George E-W being hexed by a witch doctor only to stand his ground and hex him right back in his face.. We were all a bit exhausted after our day and week so our afternoon consisted mostly of games of Bananagrams and reading which was definitely needed before an eventful week ahead.
Signing off Will R-C, Edited (reluctantly) by the Edge.

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