Friday, 20 July 2018

Lessons and learning...

After the usual breakfast carb- load we taught our first lessons this morning. Ted and I taught Bio, George E-W, George R, Marcus, Will, John and Harry all taught English. The lessons were successful with all the Gehandu students engaging well. However, there are, of course, improvements that can be made by all. We hope to implement these on Monday. 
Following evaluations of our lessons with the Radley Dons we split into two groups to either read to the children or help them on computers/tablets. It was great to see how excited they were when we showed them just a few of the things a laptop could do! 

We were also sent to “Religion” sessions today (which happen every Friday here). Each session seemed to vary greatly with John and George E-W listening to a sermon whilst Harry, Ted and I were involved in an all-singing all-dancing affair, it was thoroughly enjoyable. However, when we were invited to contribute our rendition of I Vow to Thee My Country probably fell slightly short of the mark!

This afternoon four of us were lucky enough to help prepare/serve food for the evening meals. Ted and George E-W helped serve food to the Gehandu boarders whilst Will and I were butchering chickens for our meal – not the carrot peeling we were expecting! 

Today also saw the first match in the Gehandu vs Radley football series. Big hoofs from the defense and set piece goals ensured our rather English play style; even Harry (Walther) Kane couldn’t score from open play! However, we did emerge victorious netting three goals to their two (although, technically we scored four due to a Radley player’s own goal!). It must also be noted that we were loaned three Gehandu players (to make up numbers) and some would suggest they were somewhat decent…  

Henry Williams

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