Friday, 27 July 2018

Final day in Tanzania

Today very sadly marked our last day in Tanzania. We woke up and said goodbye to various students across the school and various staff; especially Jospehine, who seemed heartbroken that we would no longer be wolfing down her meals! The six hour journey began with two hours of being thrown in every direction from a very generous African massage. Eventually, we reached tarmac and left the bus for lunch looking like we had all had the worst fake tan from the huge amounts of dust we had managed to gather! After filling up, we finished our journey led by DJ Ted (including controversial amounts of Will.iam. and Katy Perry) outside Arusha at the most luxurious place we had seen for weeks; there were sit down toilets and showers with hot water in the same place!!!! Now we just wat for the flight and to leave the hotel at 3:30… Harry.

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