Thursday, 26 July 2018

Final day at Radley

The last day at Gehandu ... and what a day it was. After a slightly hurried cramming of lines for sketches and songs, we promptly started half an hour late for the last cultural assembly. A four and a half hour epic full of incredible singing, dancing and acting from the Gehandu students, and less so from the Radley boys… but who performed valiantly, including “Three Lions”, “Seek ye First”,  “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, declamations and sketches. Highlights included, Gehandu 6th form girls, the first 6th from students at Gehandu, singing a self-composed and personalized song. Form 4 and 3’s large repertoire of songs and dances and John Peers’ declamation and a slightly shoddy speech from George E-W in Swahili to the school
A representative of the District Council was the guest of honor and gave one of the many speeches thanking Radley for the strong partnership that the two schools have. After lunch in the newly constructed dining hall we had lunch with Form 5, our pen pals and the Gehandu teachers. Significantly weighed down, the Radley boys headed out for one the biggest contests of the year; Radley (and the best Gehandu Dons) Vs the Gehandu 1st XI. A tense game ended in a 2-2 draw going to pens.. Radley clinching it at the last moment. A large press conference followed; many photos were taken of both teams, Red Army and supporters.
We were honored to each have our own tree to plant, celebrating a very successful trip and the first time Radley have stayed at Gehandu. After an amazing dinner with the Gehandu teachers we headed off for our last prep session with the students.
Will is still recovering from his wrestle with a squatting toilet. He refused to comment but likened it to a Chocolate Yazoo. No more needed to be said…
Thanks for following our Trip, see you soon
George and George


  1. Safe travels back after your life changing trip. What wonderful hospitality Gehandu has shown you.